My journey

I knew at an early age that I wanted to earn my own money because having money meant having more freedom, the freedom to choose. So I started working on weekends at a restaurant on the beachfront called The Deck. I was 13 years old.

After school I went to the University in Cape Town where I majored in Drama and English and then went on to study at Film school in London. I worked in the film industry as a production manager and although the money was good, my job was extremely pressurised and I burnt out pretty fast.  I needed a change. I wanted to do something with purpose that was just before my 26th birthday.

My granny had taught me to knit as a kid and  I saw an opportunity to start a knitting project that I called Snug, South Africa by hand, with heart; in a nearby township, Masiphumelele. I started teaching women who were unemployed to make scarves, hats and blankets, all sorts of things out of mohair. I managed to secure agents who represented us in Ireland, UK and USA and our first big order was from Top Shop, UK.

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I had my first anxiety attack in 2003 and started studying Psychology to try and understand what was triggering them. I found that I was fascinated by the subject and it became a life long passion.

When I was 33 I was blessed with my daughter, Tatum. A year later her father and I split up, my mother got diagnosed with cancer and my father broke his leg.  So Tatum and I moved to Durban to help my parents. By this stage Snug was almost running by itself which had always been my intension as I had wanted the business to be handed back to the women so that they could truly be empowered.  But the down side of handing the business over to them was that it meant I was out of a job and living with my parents.

Once my mom and dad had recovered I opened a boutique in the granny cottage and as it grew I moved it to a room in a house that was also a restaurant and from there to a retail space in a shopping mall. It's called Eye Love and is still running today.  We sell clothes, gifts and home decor made by South African designers.  I also started my own clothing range.  We moved to Knysna and I opened 3 more branches and then finally an online shop.

In 2019 I started a company called, TrackBack Designs with my brother-in-law, Iain Ewok Robinson, who is an incredible artist and we make T-shirts, cushion covers and the list will continue to grow.

When COVID 19 hit it hit us hard. Clothing retail was one of the hardest industries hit and  I realised very quickly that I knew very little about the online world (even though I had built 2 plug and play websites for my 2 businesses) and that there is much more to driving traffic to your websites than placing a few Facebook ads and having an Instagram following.  So I decided that, since digital skills are the future of business, I needed an education and I discovered Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and signed up. I haven't looked back.

You can learn about anything to with the digital world with SFM -  how to build websites, online marketing, how to sell your own products online - all of which qualify you for  one thing very important skill in today's economy - how to build an online business One of the founding principles of SFM is that you need to see how can you help others.  This inspired me to share my journey and knowledge with other women like myself to help them to start online businesses as well so that they can have more freedom and more time to spend doing the things that are important to them while creating financial security.  And so Create a Life you Love was born.

No one should have to trade their time for money.

Through SFM you can learn how to do this but if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme then this is not for you. This is a proper digital skills education backed up by a community of like minded people on the same path supporting one another. If that sounds good then this could be for you.

Let's Chat

If you have any questions or need some help working through the challenges you are facing when thinking about starting an online business then please feel free to WhatsApp me on +27 82 456 9967 or drop me an e-mail. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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